The best Fire Safety Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan!

Residential buildings

We are suitable for various residential buildings, including condominiums, apartment buildings and rooming houses. Optimized for structures that have common spaces and corridors, we offer an effective solution for managing fire safety in these complex environments. However, it is not designed for single-family, duplex or triplex homes. If you are unsure about the suitability of our platform for your building, a good indicator is the presence of common areas or shared corridors, typical of larger residential buildings.

Mall and commercial buildings

Our platform accommodates a wide range of commercial establishments, from small boutiques to large shopping centers and big surface stores. Whether your building houses a few commercial units or several hundred stores, our solution offers reliable and efficient fire safety management. It is ideal for diverse commercial environments, including shopping malls, supermarkets, and shopping complexes. Our platform ensures optimal protection, whatever the size or type of your commercial establishment, by adapting to the specificities of each space.

Industrial buildings

The system is also designed for industrial settings, accommodating a variety of installations, from modest workshops to extensive industrial complexes. It is particularly effective for factories, warehouses and processing centers. This solution provides comprehensive and reliable fire safety management, specifically addressing the challenges posed by industrial sites, including high-risk areas and large workspaces. Our platform is customizable for each industrial environment, providing optimal fire protection, regardless of size or type of installation.

Meeting facilities

Our fire safety solution is perfectly suited to public establishments such as reception rooms, large restaurants, arenas and others. This tailor-made protection meets the specific requirements of these busy places. Suitable for a variety of environments, from conference rooms to sports complexes, our system guarantees solid and reliable fire safety management. It is designed to face the particular challenges encountered in these spaces, in particular the high attendance and the diversity of the areas, thus ensuring optimal protection against fires, regardless of the configuration or size of the establishment.

Individual companies

Particularly advantageous for individual businesses, our offer is effective at an affordable price. Suitable for small structures, our solution ensures complete fire safety, without requiring a considerable investment. Whether for an individual office, a small workshop or a retail business, our system provides reliable and tailored fire safety management. It is specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses, ensuring maximum fire protection at an affordable cost, making our Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan (FSP / EAP) accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size.


For plants in any sector, including textile, manufacturing, food and beverage, and more, our system provides robust fire protection suitable for diverse industrial environments. Whether for an automobile production plant, a chemical processing site, or an electronic products factory, our solution ensures complete and effective management of fire safety. It takes into account the challenges specific to each type of factory, such as raw material risks, specific production processes, and facility size. Our system thus guarantees optimal safety against fires in any industrial environment.


The platform is also designed for hotels, addressing the unique challenges these establishments face. It offers comprehensive fire protection tailored to the specific needs of accommodation of all sizes, from small boutique hotels to large resorts. Our solution takes into account varied areas such as bedrooms, common areas, kitchens and storage areas, ensuring effective fire safety management. It is designed to ensure the safety of customers and staff, by integrating measures adapted to the flow of people and the complex structure of hotels.

Office towers

These buildings, due to their height and occupancy density, present unique fire safety challenges. Our solution provides comprehensive fire protection, adapted to the vertical structure and multiple floors of office towers. It takes into account the need for rapid evacuations, the management of people flow, and the segmentation of workspaces to ensure an effective response in the event of an emergency. This system guarantees optimal fire safety, whether it is a small office building or a large corporate tower, by providing safety measures adapted to the characteristics and size of each building.

Universities and educational institution

Developed for schools and universities, our system addresses the unique characteristics of these environments. It provides complete protection adapted to the specific needs of schools, colleges, high schools and universities. Our solution takes into account the distinct characteristics of classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries and common areas. It is designed to guarantee the safety of students, teaching and administrative staff, by integrating effective safety measures for the prevention and rapid management of fires. This system offers reliable protection adapted to the diversity and complexity of educational structures, ensuring maximum safety for all occupants of school and university establishments.

Campus, complexes and property developments

Specially tailored for real estate developments, our platform places considerable importance on the unique needs of these complexes. It provides comprehensive fire protection for various types of buildings, whether residential, commercial or mixed. Our solution takes into account the specificities of each building within the group, facilitating consistent and effective fire safety management across the entire complex. Designed for environments where multiple buildings coexist, this system integrates safety strategies adapted to the density, layout and different uses of spaces, thus ensuring reliable and optimal fire protection for the entire group of buildings .

Real Estate Investment Trust

Specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate companies, our system covers a wide range of properties such as residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings. It offers robust fire protection, adapted to the various real estate portfolios managed by these companies. Our solution ensures efficient and reliable fire safety management, adapted to the specificities of each type of property. It takes into account the different risks and configurations of buildings, ensuring optimal safety for tenants, visitors and staff. This system is designed to provide comprehensive fire protection, tailored to the unique requirements of real estate companies, ensuring safety throughout their properties.

Towns, villages and cities

Également développé pour répondre aux exigences des villes, villages et cités, notre programme couvre une vaste étendue d'environnements urbains et ruraux. Il offre une protection incendie globale et adaptable à la diversité des infrastructures et des bâtiments publics et privés présents dans ces collectivités. Notre solution est conçue pour assurer une gestion efficace et fiable de la sécurité incendie dans des espaces variés tels que les zones résidentielles, commerciales, industrielles, ainsi que les lieux de rassemblement publics. Elle prend en compte les défis uniques liés à la densité de population, à l'agencement urbain et à la diversité architecturale, garantissant une protection incendie optimale pour l'ensemble de la communauté, qu'il s'agisse d'une petite ville, d'un grand village ou d'une cité urbaine.

Government agencies

Additionally, our tool, designed for government agencies, addresses the specific needs of these important institutions. It provides comprehensive and tailored fire protection for various types of government buildings, such as administrative offices, courts of law, public libraries and utility facilities. Our solution takes into account the high security requirements and specific protocols required by government entities. It is developed to ensure effective and reliable management of fire safety, taking into account the sensitive and often highly frequented nature of these spaces. This system guarantees optimal fire protection in government environments, providing security measures adapted to each structure, to ensure the safety of employees, visitors and public assets.

Sites under construction

We also respond to the unique challenges posed by buildings under construction. Our system offers effective fire protection adapted to the often changing conditions and specific risks of construction sites. Our solution is designed to ensure reliable fire safety management in construction sites, where the presence of flammable materials, heavy equipment and temporary structures increases the risk of fire. It takes into account the need to protect both on-site workers and the developing infrastructure. This system provides flexible and robust fire safety measures, adapted to different construction phases, thus guaranteeing optimal fire protection for buildings under construction.

The best Fire Safety Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan!