The best Fire Safety Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan!

In each

Our platform includes several features, which are included in all of our offers for a greater efficiency.

multi-operation systems

Our web platform is easily available in French and English on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

(print your own plan)

Receive documents in PDF format and easily print them from any electronic device on your favorite paper.

You are able
unsubscribe anytime.

In case of a complex transformation or if you sell the building, you can unsubscribe very easily, at no additional cost.

No boring
fill out a few forms.

No visit that drags on! Fill out some necessary forms yourself. If there are any questions, we will be there.

up-to-date FSP /
EAP, no additional cost.

It's normal, things change in your building! Your Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan must too, our platform allows to do that.

technical support for you

Implementing your Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan can be complex; benefit from our professional technical support anytime.

Two Teams
of one hour each

During the initial setup, two Teams meetings with our professionals are included to avoid any hassle.

after final approval

Any Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan is complex; we find it important to explain it to you before installation in your building on your 1st year.

An annual
meeting via Teams

Periodic updating of the plan is very important; benefit from an annual meeting to ask us your questions.

support time

A complex case requires special attention? Buy additional Teams time without paying for unnecessary travel.

Binder and box
for your building

Firefighters must always have at their disposal all the information necessary to carry out their operations.

Paper version
(color and
high definition)

You can't print your plan by yourself? After several thousand binders, we are used to it! Let us do it.

Easy search
tab for
the FSP binder

Our binders are equipped with tabs that allow easy access to the information sought in the event of an emergency.

binder back

Tons of binders in your office? Find the correct one easily thanks to its red color and its identified back.

metal case
with two padlocks

If you are not in the building, the firefighters will be able to directly access the binder and the set of master keys.

and box

Is your building in Canada? We will send you the box and the binder to any address or post office box. Fees may apply.

Trainings (with

Several people in your building will be assigned tasks to perform. Train them properly with our video clips.

Purchase of

Train as many staff as necessary. Our flexible training courses are available for at least twelve people.

for the teams

Our training courses represent the specific characteristics of your building: the same video does not suit everyone.

(one person per month)

Be sure to train everyone despite sometimes incessant staff turnover thanks to our included video clips.

per participant

Allow your staff to have their acquired knowledge recognized with a personalized certificate sent by email.

Emergency measures
incorporated in the FSP / EAP

Our plans cover a variety of emergency situations you may face in the everyday life of your building. Be prepared!

for the building

A well-ordered procedure is necessary for an effective evacuation of the building. Let's go step by step.

Tasks of the
(evacuation team)

For a safe evacuation, our plans include a description of the tasks assigned to each member of the team.

Tasks of the
(intervention team)

In a two-steps building, we offer the tasks description of the people who assess the validity of an alarm.

measures coordinator)

In any emergency situation, a leader is important! We provide details of the actions to be taken by the latter.

and tasks of the occupants

Emergency situations require everyone to be fully prepared. Our plans specify what occupants must do.

risks to monitor

Knowing how to evacuate is good. No trace of fire is even better! Quickly find fire risks to better avoid them.

Various procedures
in case of emergency

A variety of situations can occur in a building. We find it important that you know how to proceed in each case.

in case of a fire

Fires cause a lot of damage; our plans cover in detail the actions required in this specific situation.

Procedures for
for toxic cloud

Toxic clouds are very dangerous for the health of the occupants in a building; respond quickly with the help of our plans.

Procedures in
case of
criminal activities

Not everyone reacts to crime situations in the same way; the actions outlined in our plans will help you cope.

in case of
a bomb threat

Don't be caught off guard if someone calls you with the threat of a bomb; our binder includes the necessary tools!

Procedures in
case of
suspicious package

We have seen some problematic packages sent by various people in recent years: we will help you recognize them.

in case of
water damage

Modern life is surrounded by electricity; water and this one don't mix well! Do you know what to do? We do!

Procedures in
case of
contaminated water

Humans need water to live, but it must be suitable for consumption. Follow our guidelines, stay safe.

Procedures in
case of
fire on a person

Fire is dangerous to humans, but when it attacks a person directly, it is important to be adequately prepared.

in case of
a gas leak

Gas leaks can be very damaging, as they can lead to explosions, shocks and such. Know how to act properly.

in case
of a protest

Our fellow human beings sometimes want to express their opinions; whether you agree with them or not, you will be prepared.

in case of
a blackout

Electricity is a common commodity; follow all of our steps one by one when it runs out without warning.

person in elevator)

As an important means of public transportation, it is more prone to breakdowns. We guide you in these situations.

in case of
hostage taking

Although it is public safety that handles such situations, it is still important to know what to do in advance.

Procedures in
case of
media relations

What should your spokesperson say when the media is at your door? Let us show you how to react properly.

Procedures in
case of an
active shooter

Even in cases where it is "every person for himself", certain attitudes presented here give a greater chance of survival.

Procedures in
case of
shock or earthquake

Whether the shock is caused by a seismic plate or an explosion, we indicate the procedure to follow in our plans.

Procedures in
case of a
medical emergency

When our friends or colleagues are in personal danger, we will do anything to help them. Be ready to act!

available on the platform

Our web platform allows you to complete and update several registers, which make your life easier during emergencies.

List of
people in
need of assistance

Keeping an up-to-date list of people needing help during an evacuation can save them, thanks to our tool.

List of
persons in the building

Stop searching in confusion for who to contact; our platform helps you establish a list of resource people.

equipments registers

Keep inspection reports from recent years for emergency services so they have all the necessary information.

and fire
drills register

To improve and maintain good evacuation times, take advantage of our platform to keep a record of them.

shutdown's register

Breakage can sometimes occur; keep, for emergency services, a list of equipment temporarily shut down.

(conception tool)

To react quickly, you need to have the right tools. Modes of operation in case of emergency prepare you for it.

Floor plans
yours in the platform)

A tool is also provided to you, to insert the floor, section and layout plans of your building into the FSP / EAP.

Provided additional
documents to FSP / EAP

In addition to the main document, we provide several annexes to help you manage other emergency measures.

on the platform

Since we are in the 2.0 era, we are providing free access to a digital version of the pamphlet for the occupants.

given to the occupants

For building occupants, a printable pamphlet explains how they should react in the event of an emergency.

Members of
evacuation team guide

Rather than requiring teams to read the full FSP / EAP, we offer a refined version specifically intended for them.

Precise guide
about the
operating modes

In addition to the separate guide, individual laminated documents are provided, to be placed near each piece of equipment.

Personalization for
your own building

Much more than a generic plan, the documents that we offer can be personalized according to your brand image.

of technical terms

Under certain conditions, technical terms may need to be changed. Our platform allows this adjustment.

of the
chapters and annexes

Some authorities having jurisdiction may request a different order of chapters and annexes; just ask us!

with your own
and specific logo

Let us insert your logo on our documents to better reflect your personality and that of your organization.

The best Fire Safety Fire Safety Plan / Emergency Action Plan!